Not too hot, not too cold

By Antoniette Meyer

FGCU students take different approaches to dealing with 75-degree weather in October. Here’s how: By biking the extra mile because maybe today is the day you won’t pass out from heat stroke (results may vary); by running in 80s clothing to support non-profit organization; by lounging outside with a furry friend breathing the fresh air; by fishing with friends on the fresh waterfront; by lying in hammocks swinging along with the wind and the music; by being shocked at the fact that for one day you might not sweat from every possible place on your body; by putting on the heater in the car because maybe 75-degrees is just too cold; by ordering hot coffee instead of iced; by Netflix and chilling in bed all day avoiding sunlight; by studying inside because 75-degrees is still hot in the sun; by doing yoga outside; by avoiding all possible sicknesses like the flu or senioritis; by acknowledging the weather on every social media site because it is just sooo nice outside; by spending the day pretending to be productive when in reality all you have done is write one long sentence.


This was an assignment for my Writing for Mass Audiences class. We were instructed to go around campus and ask people how they spend the day at FGCU when the weather is nice and write one long sentence about the answers we got.

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