Florida Palm Trees Native vs Not Native (video)

Did you know not all palm trees are native to Florida? I didn’t until making this video.

This video was fun to make, but I must admit it still haunts me. I read and researched so much about palm trees that for the next two weeks I couldn’t help but notice the difference in every palm tree i passed.

Everything from the roots to the fronds make palm trees different. Two pam trees can look exactly the same other than one of them has spikes on palm fronds and one doesn’t.

Lists of what palm trees are native and not native are available for free online. These are just the ones I found around SWFL.

I experimented with my way of story telling for this video. I could have posted the same video with just two lists of palm trees and which ones are and are not native. Instead, I wanted to make the video more engaging and keep people watching.

What do you think of the game style video?


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